Monday, February 1, 2016

The Earth Approved initiative - By and For us Database

The Earth Approved initiative - By and For us Database

Earth approved Corp a Non-profit Organization is building the largest independent database for the people by the people in response to growing disapproval of three and four letter agencies and lawmakers to provide the right to know about food and products.

Why? Most recently the removal of country of origin frommeat and pork products as stated on the Omnibus bill says the public does not have a right to know where meat products come from. This means the next time they buy meat at the grocery store it will not state it came from China, Mexico, or the United states. 91% of Americans want GMO’s labeled but the Darkact has been created to keep this information from the Public. Personal care and Household products are loaded with Carcinogens yet only cigarettes read may cause cancer? So in Response we have Earth Approved. 

The database will alert users of Carcinogens, GMO’s, pesticides, country of origin and much more will be available to the public for online use or download and also through the Earth approved app. The earth approved app has a scan feature that will allow users to scan the already existing barcodes on food and products and discover the true label. True label will consist of all information entered or added by users on the interactive community app. 

Another feature is Healthy alternatives, users can request if they are unhappy with the ingredients of the product they have scanned to be given alternatives including locations to buy, or purchase directly through the app.

Development of the Earth approved database and app began in October 2015. Earth approved is currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to complete the project. 

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