Friday, February 12, 2016

Hostess Exposes the Lie About Labeling GMOs - Robyn O' Brien

American food companies love to say that they can’t label GMOs because it’s too expensive.
It’s a lie.
As seen in this image from a London grocery store, American food companies already label GMOs overseas.  Families weren’t priced out of Twinkies, farmers didn’t go over because of the labeled Ding Dong, they simply added a few words “Derived from a genetically modified source.”
On top of that, Hostess also warn parents on this label that artificial dyes “may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children” because these dyes have been repeatedly linked to hyperactivity in kids.
The food industry knows how these ingredients are impacting our families. They label them for families in other countries, but they sing a different song in America.
It’s time to ditch this double standard. These ingredients impact all children, not just those in the UK.  And all families, regardless of income, have a right to know how their food is made, even Twinkies.
The double standard has to stop. Please share this image, so that all Americans can know this information, too.
As reported by Robyn O Brien

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