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Earth Approved - True Label. We can make change happen together!

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Why Kickstarter?

We are in mid development funded by Earth Approved Corp - Non profit Organization and Supporters through GoFundme (Family and Friends). 
Join The team!!! Your help is needed to complete the Earth Approved app. There is millions of ingredients, foods and products being uploaded. With you help we can have the app ready by March 2016. Please sign up to receive first downloads or to Beta test the app. We need you, the Earth approved app is for and by the people for non profit. Thank you for your Help. Together we are making change happen.
***The way Kickstarter works is we must reach our goal of 5,000 to fund, so you are not charged until we reach our goal. Every dollar helps. Please share with your Friends. Also you can support us on the links below to help us reach a larger audience. 
Thank you for helping us reach our goals. Earth Approved is a Non Profit. See our mission on our website 

What is the Earth Approved Database and App?

Earth approved Corp a Non-profit Organization is building the largest independent database for the people by the people in response to growing disapproval of three and four letter agencies and lawmakers to provide the right to know about food and products.
Why? Most recently the removal of country of origin from meat and pork products as stated on the Omnibus bill says the public does not have a right to know where meat products come from. This means the next time they buy meat at the grocery store it will not state it came from China, Mexico, or the United states. 91% of Americans want GMO’s labeled but the Darkact has been created to keep this information from the Public. Personal care and Household products are loaded with Carcinogens yet only cigarettes read may cause cancer? So in Response we have Earth Approved.
The database will alert users of Carcinogens, GMO’s, pesticides, country of origin and much more will be available to the public for online use or download and also through the Earth approved app. The earth approved app has a scan feature that will allow users to scan the already existing barcodes on food and products and discover the true label. True label will consist of all information entered or added by users on the interactive community app. 
Another feature is Healthy alternatives, users can request if they are unhappy with the ingredients of the product they have scanned to be given alternatives including locations to buy, or purchase directly through the app.

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The idea for the Earth Approved app?

The idea for this app came to me one day when I decided to check the products in my home forCarcinogens. I grabbed a handful of products from the kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room, etc.After just 4 hours!! (Sarcasm) I found that all the products contained Carcinogens and other ingredients linked to Birth defects, Harm to reproductive system and more. 
This came as a surprise to me as all the labels read as the solution to all. Kills 99.9% of germs, remarkable no water spots, fresh smelling clothes, you know what I mean.
So why the app? It took me 4 hours to do just a quarter of the products because of secret blends - Proprietary blends, or very hard to find complete lists that once you found you had to input each one to find out what it is. This was a very tedious process.
Then I started thinking how could I get more people to do the same? Not everyone has the time, or web experience.
What if with a simple scan of the product upc code everyone could know what exactly is in the food and products they use?
Would this help raise awareness? YES.
Would this make it possible for everyone to exercise their Right to Know? YES.
Would this make a difference in the grand scheme of things? YES.
How? Educated consumers will choose to keep their families safe, they will choose the healthy alternative affecting the sales of the not so safe products therefore companies will adapt to please the masses.
But what about the Healthy alternatives?
How can we make it easier for everyone to find these products?
How can we help these products gain exposure? 
Have healthy alternatives listed in app, with locations to buy or even purchase directly from the app. Making buying healthy products easier than ever.
Plus for local growers or producers, or any new products lets have Treasure hunts, this way the app can be interactive and fun. You will be able to scan and enter new products to be uploaded into the ever growing database.
Why stop there? let's create profiles and status updates so everyone can help each other be healthy. You can share to other social media outlets directly from the app and let others know your findings.
Why not help those already affected by Cancer, Autism, Birth defects and more? Money raised from the app will help the sick and their families.
What Supporters have to say about Earth Approved app....  
"Yes...fighting a health issue right now that is directly related to what I've been eating...JUNK!! Americans need to know what they are eating. USA spends more money on health care than any country in the world while having the highest cancer rates.....????Gotta be a connection somewhere!!  
 - Rod yost - Earth approved app Supporter
"Something we can all get behind. seems a no-brainer. For a long time I've used Environmental Working Group as a means for understanding what products i'm buying and using, relative to how harmful they actually can be. While that's been good, Earth Approved takes it so much further. in addition to exposing what harm a product on the shelf could do you or your family with a quick scan, and giving you alternative product recommendations, every action on the app pays it forward by generating funds directly serving those already affected by ailments caused by the intake of hazardous products. It's a win/win.
- Troy Jason Valls - Earth Approved app Supporter
Show your support, Pledge, Share page on your Social media accounts help us Fight for everyone's Right to Know. Let’s start saving lives of worldwide.
The Earth Approved App exploits the bar code and reveals the hidden information it contains at the click of a cell phone camera button.

The UPC is widely used in many countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and is primarily used to simply track and trace the product by manufacturers, stores, distributors and other companies that are part of the supply chain.
There are now over 10,000,000 products and food with barcodes and growing daily.
The fact is that the UPC can be used to provide information that can prevent cancer or simply avoid GMO’s, additives, steroids, antibiotics and other hidden elements.
With the Earth Approved App the information you need to know is no longer hidden and no longer a secret.

 More Features...  
-Safe Scan Feature
We are using the International UPC registry for Product uploads, users will also be able to find products and share them on database with everyone. 
Harmful substances will be defined by Agencies Like WHO, EPA, and other Fact based sources. When you scan a product you will be alerted if it contains any substances flagged by these agencies as harmful. Which substances and their level of toxicity. 
In no way are we attempting to tell anyone what to use, this is for non profit, for the people by the people. The main focus is the give everyone the information which is their Right to Know, so they can make educated decisions to protect themselves and their families. 
You can save all products for future purchase, find a product you want? Scan it, order right from app. 
As soon as you get the Earth Approved app you will want to scan all the food and products at your home, see what labeling have been misleading you, order or see where you can get healthy alternatives. Re order without even leaving your home.
You can also ask your child's daycare, your work place to do the same and always keep your environment safe for you and others.
-Healthy Alternatives
Find healthy alternatives simply by scanning, you will be given healthy options to choose from, locations to buy, even buy right through the app. With the Earth Approved App users all over the world become empowered to buy ethical and healthy products.
We encourage healthy food and products to contact us to have their products added to the healthy alternatives section of the app. See rewards for getting your products in first before launch.
Our second iniative the Earth Approved seal, will  be awarded to products who maintain their products free of toxins. Unlike other labels and seals, this is a non profit seal making it easy and free for local and small businesses to show they are Earth Approved. Don't want to wait? Use the Founder reward to submit your products for review. 
-Profile / Sharing
The Earth Approved App allows for sharing and following just like other social media platforms and users create their own healthy lifestyle profile that is seen by others, shared and the same healthy message is spread. News and Reviews of healthy or newly discovered products provide interesting and valuable information for a new, very health conscious and more ethically aware consumer.
-Interactive / Treasure hunts
The Earth Approved App brings new products to the attention of the user and new products can be found by using the interactive and fun features such as Treasure Hunts. When a new product is found it can be pinned and shared to earn points that can be used to further support a healthy lifestyle or good cause. 
Kids game will be added to allow for children to learn a healthy lifestyle while playing. 
Earth Approved includes fun, promotions and incentives that all play a part in living healthier and of course helping others.

Point system will be based on your interaction, scanning products, finding new, leaving reviews and more.

You can use your points to save on purchases, to enter for raffles, try out products free, options for upgrades in app, and so much more. So the more you use the earth approved app the more you earn.

Development Process and Screen Shots

Sept 2015 - Earth Approved was Founded
Sept 2015 - Idea for the Earth Approved app 
Oct 2015 - Gofundme raised 6,000 from family and friends
Nov 2015 - Development was started 
Dec 2015 - Stage two of Development
Jan 2015 - Kickstarter to Finish the Earth Approved app
March 2015 - Beta Testing begins
Development of the app with Zapporoo inc. is in Phase two. 
All data is being uploaded, coding has begun, Beta could be out as early as March with your help. 
Peter Minsal - Creator 
Andy Wright - Coordinator 
Jeff Lowe - App Architect 
Andrew - Market Strategist | Mobile UI Designer
More Information about our team 

App Badge
App Badge

Initial Blue prints
Initial Blue prints


Earth Approved Corp. - Non Profit Organization 

Peter Minsal 
Founder / Director 
15476 NW 77 CT #235 
Miami lakes, FL 33016 
786-285-3190 Direct 
Our Website 
Earth approved was created with a mission to prevent, and research cancer, autism, birth defects, harm to the reproductive system caused by products and food. 
The rate of cancer and autism-related cases have been on the rise in past two decades. Research is beginning to show that our food is killing us. Many commercially produced foods contain toxic substances that are causing extremely high rates of autism and cancer. 
These substances are banned in many European countries and elsewhere in the world, but in the US, they are not even labeled clearly. 
App is intended to neutralize this threat to our well-being. 
The Earth Approved APP is one of the ‘Earth Approved’ initiatives towards preventing cancer and other diseases. 

Transparency Policy 

All of our Fundraisers come with a audit upon completion that will be posted publicly on our website for all to see. You will now know who and how you helped and what your donations were used for.

More information....

As the EPA itself confirms, 

ordinary household products used as directed on the product label spread toxic chemicals around your household surfaces and into your indoor air. Children, pets, and we ourselves then absorb these chemicals not only be inhalation from fumes (masked as pine or lemon or spring breezes), but also absorption through mere skin contact, as well as oral ingestion (after we or our kids touch a cleaned floor or counter and then put our hands in our mouth; eat from a plate from the dishwasher; use a scrubbed bathtub or sink; or consume a meal from a cleaned oven or microwave, not to mention smell our “fresh” laundry scent coming from our laundry room or from our clothes as we wear them all day long etc.,).
The chemicals, as mentioned, are even spewed into indoor air while standing in CLOSED containers in cabinets. It goes without saying that chemicals quite easily escape plastic bottles; a plastic cap does not trap carcinogens (if they did then disposal in landfills wouldn’t be a soil and water pollution problem – and it is). Once loose in our homes, VOCs also easily penetrate into the nasal passages and often into the skin, and get into the brain, as well as store themselves long term in body fat. (Ergo, the more body fat, the more storage space for built-in, lingering carcinogens and toxins).
Because children have less developed elimination systems, and breath more air than adults, studies have repeatedly shown they tend to absorb the highest doses of toxic chemicals inside their own homes – sometimes nearly 3 times that of their parents. 
(See e.g., Lunder, Significantly Higher Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Levels in Young U.S. Children than in Their Mothers, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2010, 44 (13), pp 5256–5262)
Why is Prevention the Cure?
"Simply put, we have not adequately channeled our scientific know-how, funding, and energy into a full exploration of the one path certain to save lives: prevention. That it should become the ultimate goal of cancer research has been recognized since the war on cancer began. When I look at NCI’s budget request for fiscal year 2012, I’m deeply disappointed, though past experience tells me I shouldn’t be surprised. It is business as usual at the nation’s foremost cancer research establishment. More than $2 billion is requested for basic research into the mechanism and causes of cancer. Another $1.3 billion is requested for treatment. And cancer prevention and control? It gets $232 million altogether. (Remarkably, in the very same budget report, the NCI states, “Much of the progress against cancer in recent decades has stemmed from successes in the areas of prevention and control.”)"

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