Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Earth Approved - True Label is Live on Indiegogo. Initiative for Change!

Earth Approved App with True Label

My name is Peter Minsal Director of Earth Approved Non-Profit Organization.
Earth Approved was created to help raise awareness of product safety. Prevent the use of harmful substances that may do us harm. Including Cancer, Harm to Reproductive system, unborn Children, Birth defects, Developmental disorders and more. We will Help those already affected, and continue to fight for a cure.
The APP will be a self funding unstoppable worldwide cancer Preventing, Fighting machine. Every time the APP is used it will be raising money to fight cancer!
With your help we can help eliminate Toxins in our Food and products. No longer will we have to depend on agencies to decide what is our Right to Know. Our database will include all known Carcinogens, Pesticides and Herbicides, GMO or Non-GMO, Country of Origin, Eco Friendly, Non Hazardous, Non Toxic, Gluten, and more. When you scan or enter a product you will be alerted of any of these substances with levels of toxicity so you can make an educated choice. If you choose you will be given Healthy Alternatives for Harmful Food and Products including locations to purchase or even purchase right from the app. 
We utilize already existing barcodes plus the app is interactive so users can contribute. Find new products to share with the community, leave reviews about your experience. Find a local farmers market? Pin the location and share it with everyone. We can help those doing the right thing be noticed. 
Together we can change the world. As Beta testers you are partners who will help finish the app so we can make a true by US for US experience. You will be able to set yourself up to help influence others to make healthy choices that could save lives. 
Plus the app is for Non-Profit. That's right no Shareholders. Money from the app will benefit the sick worldwide. You use the app to help yourselves and others. Win, Win!
Join the Team today! Let's make a difference together! Choose the reward that is right for you and let's get started. Know someone who would like to work on this with you? Share this with them or Dedicate a reward to them. 
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 More Features...  
-Safe Scan Feature
We are using the International UPC registry for Product uploads, users will also be able to find products and share them on database with everyone. 
Harmful substances will be defined by Agencies Like WHO, EPA, and other Fact based sources. When you scan a product you will be alerted if it contains any substances flagged by these agencies as harmful. Which substances and their level of toxicity. 
In no way are we attempting to tell anyone what to use, this is for non profit, for the people by the people. The main focus is the give everyone the information which is their Right to Know, so they can make educated decisions to protect themselves and their families. 
You can save all products for future purchase, find a product you want? Scan it, order right from app. 
As soon as you get the Earth Approved app you will want to scan all the food and products at your home, see what labels have been misleading you, order or see where you can get healthy alternatives. Re order without even leaving your home.

-Healthy Alternatives
Find healthy alternatives simply by scanning, you will be given healthy options to choose from, locations to buy, even buy right through the app. With the Earth Approved App users all over the world become empowered to buy ethical and healthy products.
Our second iniative the Earth Approved seal, will  be awarded to products who maintain their products free of toxins. Unlike other labels and seals, this is a non profit seal making it easy and free for local and small businesses to show they are Earth Approved. 
-Profile / Sharing
The Earth Approved App allows for sharing and following just like other social media platforms and users create their own healthy lifestyle profile that is seen by others, shared and the same healthy message is spread. News and Reviews of healthy or newly discovered products provide interesting and valuable information for a new, very health conscious and more ethically aware consumer.
-Interactive / Treasure hunts
The Earth Approved App brings new products to the attention of the user and new products can be found by using the interactive and fun features such as Treasure Hunts. When a new product is found it can be pinned and shared to earn points that can be used to further support a healthy lifestyle or good cause. 

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Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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