Monday, January 25, 2016

What was thought of as a Win against the DarkAct, was a Smoke screen to remove Country of Origin from meats.

The Earth Approved app. The app will alert users of substances that are not on the label, what the substances really are. This is not a Startup? No it is a Non profit Initiative. The app itself will benefit users and help to aid the sick worldwide.

The app which is run by Earth approved corp. a non-profit organization is currently on Kickstarter. With all the labeling flaws in our society from the fight against labeling GMO’s, The removal of the origin of meat recently passed on the OMNIBUS bill, to Carcinogen’s that are not properly labeled with warning for consumers.  These will all be addressed by the Earth approved app and more.
A spokesman for Earth Approved says, “The app is not for shareholders but for users, this is why we are asking for help from the public to complete the app, to also become beta testers and have a say in how the app will function”.

Among other features are Healthy alternatives for all products which will include locations to purchase or buy right from the app. Profiles will allow users to interact, write reviews, search for new products, share finding with others on all social platforms to raise awareness.

Why the Earth Approved app? Labeling on Food and products is flawed. 85% of Americans want labeling of GMO’s yet instead of labeling we now have the Dark Act as it has been called by Pro labeling citizens. In fact what was thought to be a victory when the Dark act was removed from Omnibus bill, now appears as a smoke screen for the removal of Country of Origin on Meats and Pork. What’s this mean? You no longer have the Right to Know where your meat products come from, U.S., Mexico, China all the same now. Per request Earth approved has added this information to the Earth Approved app to protect your Right to know.

In short the Earth Approved app will reveal what is in our Food and Products as requested by the community, to help raise awareness, eliminate toxins, protect our Right to know.

To learn more about the app, its development and Features visit the Live Kickstarter page, join the community so you can help mold the App for everyone. 

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