Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Featured in KickWatcher - Earth Approved - Scan to cure Cancer the Kickstarter for Good

This month, we are excited to feature an app that can help you prevent Cancer. Earth Approved app is an innovative app that can help you identify which common day household items can cause cancer and provide recommendations on cancer free alternatives.

KW: Thank you for agreeing to sharing your story with us, tell us the premise of your campaign. 
PM: The idea for this app came to me one day when I decided to check the products in my home for Carcinogens. I grabbed a handful of products from the kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry room, etc. After just 4 hours!! I found that all the products contained Carcinogens and other ingredients linked to Birth defects, Harm to reproductive system and more. This came as a surprise to me as all the labels read as the solution to all. Kills 99.9% of germs, remarkable no water spots, fresh smelling clothes, you know what I mean.

KW: Interesting perspective Peter, didnt know there's a lot of carcinogen in our every day prodcuts, so how did you go from that to making an app? 
PM: So why the app? It took me 4 hours to do just a quarter of the products because of secret blends - Proprietary blends, or very hard to find complete lists that once you found you had to input each one to find out what it is. This was a very tedious process. Back then it was just me alone doing all the scanning, I thought what if I could mobilize everyone to help scan and build up a database and offer the info to everyone. What if with a simple scan of the product upc code everyone could know what exactly is in the food and products they use? Would this help raise awareness? YES. Would this make it possible for everyone to exercise their Right to Know? YES. Would this make a difference in the grand scheme of things? YES. And off i went creating this app.

KW: Wow, that's a great app idea. so how will you know that people would be interested?
PM: Educated consumers will choose to keep their families safe, they will choose the healthy alternative affecting the sales of the not so safe products therefore companies will adapt to please the masses.

KW: How long have you been working on it and are you guys done in development?
Have been working on the project since sept 25th. we are currently in development. final stages. In terms of marketing, we have reached out to a lot of people. Plus have some help from crowdfundingninjas and others. In total we've spent around 13k, 12k on actual development and 1.2k on campaign promotion.

KW: thats great to hear that your team is diligent. We do wish you the best of luck.  Thank you for sharing with us your app idea. If you wish to support Peter's Earth Approved app, you can visit their campaign page at:
Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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