Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Featured by The Foundation for a Bioeconomy!! See how they are using hemp and other sustainable sources to help the world!!!

Identifying the Toxic Chemical in Products We USE with Earth Approved!
January 12, 2016

One app will tell you all the dirty secrets the products you buy are hiding. 

Our basis of the Industrial Evolution Theory is the shift of focus from renewable energy to the products we use everyday. We preach cohesion with businesses that have great ideas but lack the funding to take it forward.

Here is the best example we have found to achieve both. Due to Product Manufacturers failure to provide information about what is IN their products, we as the consumer are ill prepared to protect ourselves from exposure to toxic chemicals.

Earth Approved has answered that need. A live shoppers assistant, The Earth Approved Safe Scan for Toxic Chemicals App. is designed to not only show you what is in the products you are buying. The app shows you safer alternatives to purchase. All you have to do is scan the barcode on any product from your Iphone or Android device.  Many shoppers do this to find the cheapest price on a product. This app gives you the added value of alerting you to what you are actually buying for your money. 

Money is the only obstacle to release an app. with such promise is lacking. This our prime example of crowd building industries. We are not connected to this product or entity in any way. We simply believe in its merits, and bring our audience to his product.

Seems simple right? It also just saved the project hundreds of dollars in advertising to get you consider it. Therein lies our power in activism. There is your "Protest Through Purchase" I keep hammering on.

The Brilliant Inventor and Founder of Earth Approved, Peter Minsal has started a Kickstarter Project and needs our help. Please visit Kickstarter to support this amazing new app that can save lives from the effects of consuming any one of the 84,000 chemicals derived from fossil fuel today.

Why should I buy one? To save yourself and your family by knowing the toxic chemicals in your purchase. For you hemp and bamboo business owners here is another reason.
While we speak to the merits of hemp and bamboo, no one really knows the chemicals these two plants can replace up close. Imagine the eyes that will open when scanning a barcode and seeing alerts?

Maybe it will be YOUR product this app points to as a safe alternative. That is what we are hoping for by helping his campaign. We hope to use it to drive customers to Kannaboo and other hemp and bamboo products offered by your businesses.

See? We can build each other. Help him take part in our Evolution and buy this amazing app! 

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Earth Approved Description Here.

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