Friday, December 18, 2015

We are now calling on all Healthy products to join the Earth Approved Initiative.

Earth Approved Corp. - Non Profit Organization

We are now calling on all Healthy products to please contact us to be added to the Earth approved app and website for our Healthy Alternative section.

At Earth approved we are for Non profit, we are rolling out the Earth Approved seal with the Earth approved app. The earth approved seal cannot be purchased. It will be awarded to products found to not contain any harmful substances or unverified substances that are not posted on the labels. 

You use proper labeling, full disclosure and use no Carcinogen's, or other substances linked to disease and you will be awarded the Earth approved seal. This is for everyone not just the large corps. Smaller companies will now be able to also get the seal, not just those who can pay for it. 

Too many labels require large sums of money, or come from companies looking to profit from others. We believe everyone has a Right to Know, We believe everyone has a Right to grow. For this reason we have chosen to award the Earth Approved seal based solely off the facts. No buying, just responsible and ethic actions. 

If you have information about products you believe are doing the right thing, please let us know so we can get them in front of more people, help others choose these healthy products also.

Helping others and expecting something in return is a business. Helping others to save lives is making change happen. Help us make change happen worldwide, as everyone matters.  

Our initiative the Earth approved app to prevent diseases caused by foods and products, to create a healthy social media that raises money for the people, not the 1%. 

On your profile you will be able to choose your preferred Non profit to help. 
We also will have a board made up of you, to help make sure we help the right sources. 

Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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