Thursday, December 10, 2015

Let's clarify that QR codes are not Bar codes (UPC) - QR is what they want to use instead of labels.

The Barcode or UPC code

This is a Barcode, already available on all products, whether they contain Carcinogen's (Cancer Causing Substances) CGEN, GMO's genetically modified organisms, Steroids, Antibiotics, Substances linked to Birth Defects, Autism, and other side affects.
This is the Technology the JustScanIT app will Exploit.
We have all the codes, all the ingredients, all the information. If a product contains any of the above you will be alerted and shown healthy alternatives (products containing none of the above mentioned. 

What is the JustScanIT app? see more now 

The QR Code

This is the offer by the GMO label Dark act. Besides being a compromise, these are great for companies because by scanning these they can get information from your mobile device. Including your location and much more. The QR code is just a hyperlink to a webpage of their choice. So a webpage created by the same companies using misleading labels?

Experts believe it's just a matter of time before hackers are able to hijack this clever code, taking you someplace you didn't plan on going. The results could be a nasty virus, Botnet, or malicious code that records your personal information, your location, even your bank account numbers. 

See how we will exploit the UPC barcodes on all products. Do not use QR codes. Plus you will have to be connected to internet to use QR codes, the JustScanIT app database will be on your phone for offline use also. 

If you see our mission statement at Earth approved was created to prevent Cancer and other side affects caused by food and products. 

JustScanIT app is not just an app, but a non profit social platform that will unite everyone to make change happen. Plus its non profit no shareholders, for the people by the people. All proceeds from the app are for non profit to save lives. 

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Earth Approved Description Here.

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  1. This was way, way too easy. Under 5 minutes from start to finish. Makes me wonder if I was doing it wrong. But it looks good…and the price is terrific.
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