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JustScanIT App - Do you have a Right to know? Pre Launch Advisory

Just Scan It App 
Just Scan It App
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Just Scan It App 
Just Scan It App
You are here because you believe you have a Right to know what is in our food and products. 
Imagine just being able to point, click and scan to find out if something is suitable to consume if you are pregnant, planning to have a child, does it contain Carcinogens #CGEN (substances known to cause cancer), GMO, Steroids, Antibiotics and more or just concerned about any allergic reaction you might have. (CGEN created by Earth Approved represents Carcinogens - Cancer Causing Substances) like our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/NonCgen 
Imagine that every time you check the health, environmental status of a product that you helped someone else who needs help. Stop Imagining. It is Here.
All over the world millions of dollars are being spent on efforts for labeling of foods and products to provide the information needed by consumers to help them make the healthy and ethical choices they want to make. 
Just on GMO labeling efforts alone millions, but GMO's are not the only threat. With this effort being trumped time after time, we must protect ourselves now. What about Carcinogens? (Cancer Causing) These are only labeled on cigarettes. But if you scanned all the products in your home from toothpaste, Air fresheners, Disinfectants and more you would find they mostly contain Carcinogens. How about Ingredients known to cause harm to unborn children? So the purpose of this App is not to just alert users of GMOS, but of all harmful Ingredients so they can make an educated and Aware Decision. 
When you choose a healthy alternative, or check off this product "no more" these stats will be sent to MFR's letting them know you will not buy there products. This will help on all fronts. 
Best Part, it won't cost Millions. Money that can be used to help those already affected. 
But there are facts that are hidden behind or facts that there is just no space for on the label and through modern mobile technology this information can be accessed and displayed by simply scanning the UPC (Universal Product Code) commonly shown as a Barcode. 
The Earth Approved JustScanIT App exploits the bar code and reveals the hidden information it contains at the click of a cell phone camera button.

The UPC is widely used in many countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and is primarily used to simply track and trace the product by manufacturers, stores, distributors and other companies that are part of the supply chain. 
The fact is that the UPC can be used to provide information that can prevent cancer or simply avoid GMO’s, carcinogens, harmful additives, steroids, antibiotics and other hidden elements. 
With the Earth Approved JustScanIT App the information you need to know is no longer hidden and no longer a secret. Share your findings with everyone on social media from the app. Help others. 
At Earth Approved we are working to upload all commonly used foods and household products, so users of the app can scan before they purchase these harmful items. With our Treasure hunts you will be able to help others by finding safe alternatives and Harmful products. 
The Earth Approved Seal will be awarded to Food and Products, This will make it easy for everyone (those who cannot afford Phones or other mobile devices) to know that the food or product is safe from Carcinogens (Cancer Causing), GMO's, Steroids and Antibiotics. 

Earth Approved Seal
Earth Approved Seal
More Features...
-Healthy Alternatives 
Find healthy alternatives simply by scanning, you will be given healthy options to choose from, locations to buy, even buy right through the app.  With the Earth Approved JustScanIT App users all over the world become empowered to buy ethical and healthy products.
-Profile / Sharing 
The Earth Approved JustScanIt App allows for sharing and following just like other social media platforms and users create their own healthy lifestyle profile that is seen by others, shared and the same healthy message is spread. News and Reviews of healthy or newly discovered products provide interesting and valuable information for a new, very health conscious and more ethically aware consumer. 
-In App games 
The Earth Approved JustScanIT App brings new products to the attention of the user and new products can be found by using the interactive and fun features such as Treasure Hunts. When a new product is found it can be pinned and shared to earn points that can be used to further support a healthy lifestyle or good cause. Kids game will be added to allow for children to learn a healthy lifestyle while playing. Earth Approved includes fun, promotions and incentives that all play a part in living healthier and of course helping others.
Some links to Informative videos about Chemicals in Food and Products. 

Visit our Pages and Share your Support of the JustScanIT App by Earth Approved. 
Our Website www.EarthApproved.org 

Founded in 2015, Earth approved was created by Peter Minsal as a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent, and research cancer, autism, birth defects, harm to the reproductive system caused by products and food. Earth Approved Co. (www.earthapproved.org) is using Kickstarter to crowdfund the completion of our cancer/autism combating initiative – ‘the Earth Approved App’. This is an app that will allow users to scan and identify harmful products and foods, simply by scanning the UPC of the product. The rate of cancer and autism-related cases have been on the rise in past two decades. Research is beginning to show that our food is killing us. Many commercially produced foods contain toxic substances that are causing extremely high rates of autism and cancer. These substances are banned in many European countries and elsewhere in the world, but in the US, they are not even labeled clearly. This app is intended to neutralize this threat to our well-being. The Earth Approved APP is one of the ‘Earth Approved’ initiatives towards preventing cancer and other diseases.
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