Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How about those without access to smart phones? Other Questions answered. Just Scan IT Community

To address a question raised often, and for good reason, this means you care. Good Question! 
The Earth Approved Seal will be awarded to Food and Products, This will make it easy for everyone (those who cannot afford Phones or other mobile devices) to know that the food or product is safe from Carcinogens (Cancer Causing), GMO's, Steroids and Antibiotics. This will all be done through the JustScanIT app. 

The Earth Approved Seal
The Earth Approved Seal
As seen on the Earth Approved seal is one of the initiatives from Earth Approved to prevent illness and Disease from products and food. 
With the app we will be able to easily and cost effectively award the seal to responsible Growers and Manufacturers. This will address others concerns about will it be too expensive for the smaller companies to receive seal. This is not a seal from a company with shareholders nor that can be bought. You must earn it. Its simple, safe products.

Unlike the QR codes and other for Profit Platforms, Earth Approved is for non profit, we do not require access to your personal information. Your photos, Videos, etc are you property. 
Another Good Question 
But...will it need to have internet access when scanning products?
The database will be on the app on your mobile device so you will be able to scan offline. The social media features will require internet access. 
see more help build the community for good. By the people for the people. Submit your questions on page or too Fast response and we can work out solutions together. 
visit to learn more. leave feedback. Its not a matter of will it be developed, it is already in development. The question is will you play a role, and how fast can we get it out to everyone and start making change happen. The reson for the Kickstarter is to help us complete the project by March. To continue with our Transparency policy wiht some help from friends, Family and other concerned citizens of the world, but mostly with my own funding I have been creating this Tech 4 Good. But your help is much appreciated. Younger generations are turning to Technology, we can continue the current ways with the new way, to spread this globally!! 
Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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