Monday, December 7, 2015

Earth Approved has teamed up With MLP Funding to offer Supporters More!

Earth Approved has teamed up with MLP Funding to Offer our Supporters more!!

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and for 

Holiday Cheers for Children saving Children all year long!!

All supporters will receive 20 times (20X) their contributed amount in discount value.  I.e. Give $1 and get a discount gift voucher for $20.
The discount gift voucher allows you to request a discount for any product and/or service.  You are NOT limited to what is offered by this business.  Please review the rewards webpage for the details.

Earth Approved Offers Full Transparency In Their Charity Campaigns To Help Children And Their Family Affected By Cancer

Summary: Holiday Cheers for children charity fundraiser is for children suffering from childhood cancer, who cannot afford treatment. Everyone deserves a fighting chance. It is also not our place to choose what treatment; the families can with educated decisions.

In recent years, there have been some bad press and complaints about certain charity organizations around the world. They include charity organizations being in debt, tied to large corporations and shocking salaries that people would expect to be given to positions in the private sector. However, there is one charitable organization who stand out and remove the bad stigma that other charities have rightly gained. Earth Approved is a charity that aims to do good, and as such has become one of the most respected new charities in recent times.

The charity, which aims to help children suffering from cancer and provide support for their families who cannot afford treatment, run their organization in a transparent way. There are no secrets, no debts, no ties to large corporations and no shocking high salaries. Earth Approved believe a charity means just that, a charity. They are shocked at the way some charitable organizations are run where the person in charge earns more than the President of The United States.

A spokesman for Earth Approved said: “Our charity is run for the people by the people. There are no obscure salaries, nonprofit means nonprofit. We are going to help others, not ourselves. If we fund research, it will be to help people, not to create a treatment that then no can afford. Awareness can be raised without millions of dollars with the power of the internet.”

A lot of charities are a closely guarded secret when it comes to their finances, not sharing who has donated or what that donation has been used for. Earth Approved use the donations for what it was meant for, and they post fundraiser audits on their website to provide transparency.

Earth Approved has brought in a new Era of Non-profit for the people. They want people to understand that charity should mean charity and no charitable organization should be making a profit or paying high wages. A spokesman for the charity said cancer is an illness, and not a business and charities should not treat it in such a way.

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