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Anti-GMO: Hysteria? From Have a story to share?

Anti-GMO: Hysteria? 

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Here we go again. People who speak out against GMOs have been called crazy, told they have a disorder called Orthorexia Nervosa, which essentially says that those who would restrict their diets to such an extreme as to make those diets unhealthy and causing them harm have a serious problem. No disagreement here, but this diagnoses, that does not actually exist because it has not been recognized as a diagnoses, has been coined to cover those who dare stand up to political, commercial, and agricultural corruption of the food chain in America and around the world.

Now it seems the movement for a solution to toxins in the frequently used products and food is crashing down around the feet of those who dare oppose Monsanto or their contaminating allies, or at least that is the view of some who believe that Big Agro is on top of all the issues the Anti-GMO movement has. Saying that, “Liberal foodies are on a collision course with genetic engineering that may soon result in the welcome crash of the anti-GMO movement. As emerging technology promises an answer for nearly every issue on the movement’s agenda — from animal welfare to food security to environmental protection — it also exposes the movement’s hypocrisy and hollowness. Activists are increasingly hard-pressed to defend their illogical, irrational positions (who in their right mind can oppose an apple that doesn’t turn brown?).”

Not sure about the rest of you people out there, but if just having an apple that does not turn brown is a big line in your argument, you may want to get back to the drawing board. We are all for technology moving us forward, buy why does it mostly have to be with chemicals that are obviously going to be harmful to humans? Just seems kind of stupid, or perhaps it is intentional? Whatever the case may be, there are no good reasons as to why GMOs cannot be tested before being put directly into the food chain in order to be certain of their effects upon the world instead of hoping they live up to standards that still have not been close to being met. The food crisis they would like you to believe is upon us is ridiculous in a time when stores do not take ugly fruits and vegetables, which most of it ends up being discarded when it could go to feed so many hungry people in the country, or just sold as the regular fruits and vegetables they are, but we all know those who would turn their nose up every time at the non-“perfect” looking foods.                                                                                                                                                                                                      If the amount of food was too little to feed the people, there would be slightly more worry about how to stop the absurd amount of wastefulness on the part of the American people as well as those around the world.
Between all the money being spent to keep people from knowing what is in their food and products, a bill known as the Dark Act, the immense rise in organic sales over the last few years, and major brands trying to keep up with demands by switching to Non-GMO ingredients to get the labels their customers are so desperate for, it seems as though the Anti-GMO nuts are making much more headway as of late than the corrupted poisoners want people to believe.

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