Monday, November 2, 2015

Feel good news - looking for Bloggers to help us spread awareness

I founded Earth approved to raise awareness of products, food that cause us harm. Show everyone that there are healthy alternatives, better for us and the Planet. 
One of our Initiatives is the Earth Approved Safe scan app. Scan before you buy Food or Products to be alerted of any harmful substances, ie Carcinogens that cause cancer, Substances linked to Birth defects, Reproductive harm and more. It’s about everyone’s right to know. The choice is theirs always, but no more misleading labels. 

Did you know Gl-des, Air w-k and more air fresheners contain carcinogens? Rule of thumb, if you can smell it, you are inhaling it. Laundry detergent, Dish washing fluids, Disinfectants and more all contain harmful substances linked to cancer, Harm to unborn children, reproductive harm. 
With the Safe scan app we can change this. Not only helping people on the point of use, but the app is for non profit. What does that mean? All money generated by the app goes towards non profit, not just Earth Approved Initiatives, but also other non profits chosen by the people. If you are helping generate these funds by using the app, I believe you should have a say in where it goes to help. 

Here is the link to our Kick Starter lots of information on there. 
We are going to have treasure hunts for adults and children, so they may learn about Food and Product Safety.

We have also started working with Classy to help with our current Fundraiser for Children and their Families suffering from Cancer. Instead of toys and such, to provide Aid, lots of these parents are going to through hard times and need our help. There are also children who are not getting the treatments they need due to not being able to afford them. This will also be addressed. 
We want to restore people's faith in Non profit, so we have started our Transparency Initiative: 
After every fundraiser, we will post an audit online for everyone to see, who and how we helped, and what their money was used for. Complete Transparency. 

Earth Approved Co. 
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