Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Earth Approved APP - Start saving lives now

The Earth Approved App will change the World!!

Earth approved was created to prevent, and research cancer, autism, birth defects, harm to the reproductive system caused by products and food.  for more Information

The earth approved app is a first of its kind for Non-profit app.

The World’s first full Non-Profit self funding app.

- Scan all your products and Food to be alerted of harmful substances. Just by simply scanning the UPC.

- Be given Healthy alternatives, where to buy, or order directly from app.

- Discover new products, Share with your Friends on all social media outlets. Invite others easily to start helping others. 

- Create a Profile so others may follow you and you can share your healthy lifestyle, products you discovered, leave reviews of products and so much more.

- When you discover a New Product you will be highlighted along with product. This will help you grow. More products you find, the more exposure your profile will get.

*Discover a new product - your handle will be forever associated with that product - Stars will be given for products scanned, and products found. 

*This will spread awareness about harmful products, companies will change their products to be safe.

Example: Cancer causing Sunscreen, being sold to prevent cancer, proven to cause cancer. 

We will no longer have to wait for people to be affected to invoke change. 

All the money generated by the earth approved app will go to research, assistance and raising awareness. 

It will change the way we buy products, save lives, and make the planet better in the process.

It's a win, win, help yourself, help others.

You are funding a better life for all.

Are you Earth Approved? Help spread awareness!!


Money Generating:

How will Earth approved app be generating money for the causes before mentioned through Ads, and in app purchases

Every time we use the APP, it will be generating money. 

Companies will want to get there products in front of customers. Companies correcting their products will want to show people. 

Non profit organizations will also love this App.

Products that normally would go unnoticed will now have a chance to be recognized.

Money generated by APP, will be used for research, prevention, assisting those affected.



How are we going to get the APP out to everyone?

We are already ahead of the game.
Instagram 22k followers

LinkedIN 4876 Followers

Facebook 1k

Twitter 1k

Plus we have set up a Campaign that will enable us to get in front of 10 million viewers a week.

This will spread like wild fire.


Our Reason:

Why Earth Approved?  We will Prevent!!! Cancer, Autism, Reproductive Harm all rising at alarming rates because of the household products and food we are being exposed too.

In the past two decades Cancer cases are up 70%, no longer just from genetics, but from our environment. 

Every 1 out of 330 children will have cancer by age 20. This is a trend we can reverse!

Cancer alone is a 124.6 Billion dollar business; curing cancer is not on their priority list of things to do.

So we will prevent it.

One ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of a cure.
Benjamin Franklin


Extreme rise in children with AUTISM, the vaccine approach has been disproven. But most of the household products you use and expose yourself, your child to, cause damage to unborn children!!

More or the same damage as Drinking and Smoking during Pregnancy is being caused by products you are using in your home or car. Please see ingredients in products.

With Earth Approved APP you can scan all your products in just minutes and protect your unborn child.

Pre Order yours Today!!!

This is not a Government entity.

This will Include Household products, Food and more.

Company Information

​Peter Minsal

Entrepreneur - Business Owner
Your Supply Shop
Clean Chem

Additional Informations

As the EPA itself confirms, ordinary household products used as directed on the product label spread toxic chemicals around your household surfaces and into your indoor air. Children, pets, and we ourselves then absorb these chemicals not only be inhalation from fumes (masked as pine or lemon or spring breezes), but also absorption through mere skin contact, as well as oral ingestion (after we or our kids touch a cleaned floor or counter and then put our hands in our mouth; eat from a plate from the dishwasher; use a scrubbed bathtub or sink; or consume a meal from a cleaned oven or microwave, not to mention smell our “fresh” laundry scent coming from our laundry room or from our clothes as we wear them all day long etc.,). The chemicals, as mentioned, are even spewed into indoor air while standing in CLOSED containers in cabinets. It goes without saying that chemicals quite easily escape plastic bottles; a plastic cap does not trap carcinogens (if they did then disposal in landfills wouldn’t be a soil and water pollution problem – and it is). Once loose in our homes, VOCs also easily penetrate into the nasal passages and often into the skin, and get into the brain, as well as store themselves long term in body fat. (Ergo, the more body fat, the more storage space for built-in, lingering carcinogens and toxins). Because children have less developed elimination systems, and breath more air than adults, studies have repeatedly shown they tend to absorb the highest doses of toxic chemicals inside their own homes – sometimes nearly 3 times that of their parents. (See e.g., Lunder, Significantly Higher Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Levels in Young U.S. Children than in Their Mothers, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2010, 44 (13), pp 5256–5262).
Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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