Monday, October 5, 2015

See what other's are saying about the Earth Approved APP "It's a Win, Win"

Troy Jason Valls:

something we can all get behind. seems a no-brainer.
for a long time i've used Environmental Working Group as a means for understanding what products i'm buying and using, relative to how harmful they actually can be.
while that's been good, Earth Approved takes it so much further. in addition to exposing what harm a product on the shelf could do you or your family with a quick scan, and giving you alternative product recommendations, every action on the app pays it forward by generating funds directly serving those already affected by ailments caused by the intake of hazardous products.
it's a win/win.
you can help, too. click below to their gofundme page to learn more.

Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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