Sunday, October 11, 2015

Press Release - Earth Approved


Earth Approved Launches Campaign for Health-Centered Social Media Network
Organization to raise funds and awareness for world’s first self-funding social media network via GoFundMe

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 11, 2015 - Earth Approved is pleased to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and awareness for the Earth Approved APP.

Earth Approved was launched earlier this year with a mission of preventing and researching cancer, autism, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system caused by products and foods. Earth Approved has launched a number of initiatives to attain its goals, including the Earth Approved Seal. This initiative will make it easier for people to identify “safe” products, or those without chemicals, additives, or other artificial ingredients.

The company has already started development on the Earth Approved APP. The new app will be the world’s first self-funding, non-profit social media network, and it will aim to stop cancer around the world. Users will be able to scan the UPC codes of foods and products and receive alerts of harmful substances that are contained within. Then, the app will show users healthy alternatives and where to find them. The Earth Approved APP will help users find better options by displaying local shops or online purchasing options.  Some products and foods will even be available via the app. Then, users will be able to share their findings with friends.

Each user creates a profile and receives perks for being active within the app. Users get to have fun while they live healthier lifestyles and help others do the same.

All funds raised go towards research, assistance, and raising awareness.

Pledgers receive exclusive perks, including sweaters, t-shirts, beta testing privileges, and much more. Further information can be found at

Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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  1. You're asking for total, abject faith in your integrity with product evaluation without providing an iota of transparency or a single reason anyone should place such trust in your methods or conclusions.

    Furthermore, in many, if not most household categories, there are ZERO products that are 'safe,' and if there are 'safe' alternatives, those alternatives are exorbitant in price or otherwise impossible to obtain.

    Bottom line, who are you to say anything is 'safe?' Why should anyone believe you? How long before you are corrupted by wanna-be 'earth approved' product makers, if you are not already from the get-go? The bare fact that you blithely expect total, abject trust is one huge red flag.