Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The App will be a self funding unstoppable worldwide cancer Preventing, Cancer Fighting machine. Pre order Today!!!

Earth Approved was created to help raise awareness of product safety. Prevent the use of harmful substances that may do us harm. Including Cancer, Harm to Reproductive system, too Un Born Children, Birth defects, Autism, and more.

Money being raised currently is for the development of the product checker app. This app will change the World.

The App will be a self funding unstoppable worldwide cancer Preventing, Cancer Fighting machine.

Pre Order yours Today!!! www.Gofund.me/EarthApproved

When we reach 50k the App will be ready too go!

Why the APP?

I spent one hour checking the ingredients of just one product due to secret formula, which had over 3 cancer causing ingredients,  harm to reproductive system, Un born child, and more.

How they are allowed to sell this for our homes is beyond me.

The app will be free for everyone to just quickly scan your products and get results on harmful substances, you can do it while shopping , at Work, Anywere.

Plus it will also give you healthy alternatives for you and your family and where to buy.

We must protect our children.

The number is raising every year now every 1 in 330 children will have cancer by age 20.

We stop this. We are unintentionally causing our children harm.

Help us make this available to all.

To beat Cancer we must prevent it.

We have been Approved as a Florida Non-Profit Organization Corp.

Earth Approved will Also:

This is the People's Choice Seal of Approval.

Earth Approved seal will be awarded to products containing no harmful substances, Will be easily visible to everyone. Once approved database will be updated.

We will also help those already affected by cancer to raise funds for there families.

Every week we will spotlight 3 victims of cancer,
So you can find out how to help.

Sign up on EarthApproved.org to have your voice heard. Membership is free, just enter you email address.

This is not a Government entity.

This will Include Household products, Food and more.

Products that normally would go unnoticed will now have a chance to be recognized.

I believe holding up signs and writing letters is great, keep doing it. But to really make a significant change, we must hurt there pockets.

We start buying healthy non Harmful products, the larger companies will either adapt and produce healthy non harmful products, or Lose!!!

I was asked why?

My Why....

for me cancer hit home first when i was 10 yrs old, with my little cousin, she pulled out of it. She is a great person, the world was lucky to keep her. She is an inspiration, she has made the most of the life that was given to her.

Then again many years later cancer reared its ugly neck back into my life.

This past year my father was diagnosed with cancer he fought threw and is still fighting. I am with him every step of the way.

But just a few months after my father, My uncle a great loving man, was diagnosed, but it was too late. he is in a better place, but it has affected my family strongly.

My mother suffered from mental illness since I was young, this past year she took her life, and i know she is much happier where she is now.

all this has made me stronger, and driven me to want to help others going through the same. To help prevent this from happening to others. I believe that cancer is not a genetic diseases any more, but we are being hurt by everyday products, and we are not aware of it.

This is my why.




​Information for You.

As the EPA itself confirms, ordinary household products used as directed on the product label spread toxic chemicals around your household surfaces and into your indoor air. Children, pets, and we ourselves then absorb these chemicals not only be inhalation from fumes (masked as pine or lemon or spring breezes), but also absorption through mere skin contact, as well as oral ingestion (after we or our kids touch a cleaned floor or counter and then put our hands in our mouth; eat from a plate from the dishwasher; use a scrubbed bathtub or sink; or consume a meal from a cleaned oven or microwave, not to mention smell our “fresh” laundry scent coming from our laundry room or from our clothes as we wear them all day long etc.,). The chemicals, as mentioned, are even spewed into indoor air while standing in CLOSED containers in cabinets. It goes without saying that chemicals quite easily escape plastic bottles; a plastic cap does not trap carcinogens (if they did then disposal in landfills wouldn’t be a soil and water pollution problem – and it is). Once loose in our homes, VOCs also easily penetrate into the nasal passages and often into the skin, and get into the brain, as well as store themselves long term in body fat. (Ergo, the more body fat, the more storage space for built-in, lingering carcinogens and toxins). Because children have less developed elimination systems, and breath more air than adults, studies have repeatedly shown they tend to absorb the highest doses of toxic chemicals inside their own homes – sometimes nearly 3 times that of their parents. (See e.g., Lunder et.al, Significantly Higher Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Levels in Young U.S. Children than in Their Mothers, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2010, 44 (13), pp 5256–5262).
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