Sunday, September 27, 2015

My story, My why

I have been asking others to share their story, i will start with mine.

I was asked why?

My Why....

for me cancer hit home first when i was 10 yrs old, with my little cousin, she pulled out of it. She is a great person, the world was lucky to keep her. She is an inspiration, she has made the most of the life that was given to her. 

Then again many years later cancer reared its ugly neck back into my life.

This past year my father was diagnosed with cancer he fought threw and is still fighting. I am with him every step of the way.

But just a few months after my father, My uncle a great loving man, was diagnosed, but it was too late. he is in a better place, but it has affected my family strongly. 

My mother suffered from mental illness since I was young, this past year she took her life, and i know she is much happier where she is now. 

all this has made me stronger, and driven me to want to help others going through the same. To help prevent this from happening to others. I believe that cancer is not a genetic diseases any more, but we are being hurt by everyday products, and we are not aware of it. 

This is my why.

what is your story? share it with everyone, you may save a life. 

send your stories to be shared anonymous on our blog, so others can learn and help you.

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