Saturday, September 12, 2015

Earth Approved - The Movement

The Plan

Earth Approved was created to help raise awareness of product safety. Prevent the use of harmful substances that may do us harm.

This will Include Food, Household products, and more.

Products to reviewed and chosen by ALL.

Products that normally would go unnoticed will now have a chance to be recognized.

First Steps

Spread Awareness and Educate.

We will submit surveys as to what is a safe product. This way we can review them and make some points that will already be checked off. What you deem to be a safe product for you and your family.


Product made with any ingredients known to cause cancer or birth defects of any kind (including Autism)? Yes or No will be applied

Product manufactured in an acceptable safe and certified location? Yes or no applied

Product GMO free? Yes or No applied

Just examples of the criteria that will be set by all.

How the approval system will work

Majority will have the vote. Not any one single person or group.

As previously stated a summary of requirements will be checked off per surveys also reviewed by everyone involved in this movement.

Products submitted will be presented to everyone by email.  Same details received will be sent to everyone to review (same information initially submitted for review).

You will then submit your approval yes or no. There will be a comment section so you may explain your decision if you choose to.

Products will then receive their Seal with Certificate of approval and updated in our system. Or

Product will be placed on not approved list with recommendations.

If majority rules a product to be Earth Approved, but you had answered No, you will be able to see from your phone your choice.

What is needed?

Funds to start putting the system in affect.

Raise awareness about Earth Approved to everyone.

Surveys will be sent out to millions to get answers as to what is safe because your opinion of what is safe may be different then your neighbors and his neighbor. This is why Majority!

Once these surveys have been processed, we can start the product submitting process for everyone to review and approve.

This is a way for everyone to make a difference and for everyone to express their opinions and concerns.

Have questions? There will be a forum for users to discuss and ask why.

About Me

I am a loving Father, Loving friend, Hard working Human.

I have seen people in my life torn apart by cancer, way before there time, and no longer because of genetics.

Everyday I hear from someone about a loved one, stricken by cancer, no longer the old, but the young too. I don't believe this to be a coincidence.

The minimum to make this happen is the goal placed.

With that said, if we can not reach our goal, everyone's money will be refunded. This is in writing.

I am currently using my funds and my time, to make this happen. That is my choice. I believe.

Earth was not built in a day. But with help  we can make a difference.

I stand by that money back guarantee, no funds will be used until we reach our goal.

Donate with confidence, and help start this movement. 

Earth Approved Earth Approved Community

Earth Approved Description Here.

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