Monday, September 28, 2015

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From: Mark

Seems I jumped the gun, and sent my lyrics before I visited your website... I saw an image about sharing stories of hard times on Instagram. 

A noble cause..... I have lost 2 people due to cancer, and have one friend who beat their battle with breast cancer. 

Big pharma are abhorrent, focused only on feeding their pockets... However, I see hope in the many stories & white papers about the use of CBDs in treating cancer. Though, the powers of big pharma to surprise anything that doesn't feed their pockets is disturbing. 

Hope you like, and others may appreciate also.....


Change..... Change is gonna come,

As I sit here I see through my folie,
For I was never him,
He was never me,
And there lies the history of my malady,

For a book is not a book until the words have been written,
And a man is not a man until he has felt being bitten.

How can we hate ourselves for something we are not,
For a fantasy is merely a dream,
T'is reality that's the conscious stream.

Change..... Change is gonna come,
Change..... Change is gonna come,

So let the sunshine break on through,
Feel the warmth ignite your soul,
Hate begets hate,
There's nothing else it can do,
So don't pass that shit to me.

I'm tired,
Just want to be free,
No money,
No home,
Fuck what happened to me.

Escaping reality is no escape at all,
No matter your poison,
It will bring you to your fall,

My soul has become twisted, Contorted,
Yet these words ease my pain,
To hear them spoken.

Change..... Change is gonna come,
Change..... Change is gonna come,

You can destroy the ego,
You can rewrite the rules,
There's too many fuckers actin like fools.

Different times,
Different places,
Different crimes,
Different faces,
Were all going through life at our own difference paces.

Love is a drug, (natural mystic)
And one hell of a ride,
So smash down your illusions,
Ain't no need to hide.

Change..... Change is gonna come,
Change..... It's already in motion,

Life is too short to be at war with yourself.



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